Thursday, 24 May 2012

Quick Quack Duck

As a paper-engineer, I’m always on the lookout for interesting uses of pop-ups, and there has been quite a lot of animation work done in recent years using pop-ups — or at least what appear to be pop-ups.

Readers of the earlier newsletter version of the Scribble Street News may recall me writing about the title sequence for the film adaptation of Le Petit Nicolas.  Like many pop-up animations, this appears to be as much artful animation as genuine paper-engineering, and many of these animations are made entirely with computer generated imagery rather than card models.

Up to now, such animations seem to have been limited to one-off projects such as title sequences, adverts and short films.  However yesterday I met Vanessa Hill, Director of UK TV company The Foundation, who told me about Quick Quack Ducka new children's series they are making, which takes this style to a whole new level of storytelling and enchanting visual complexity.

It will be a while before the series is on our screens, but you can get a taste of how it will look from the trailer below.

And here's the award-winning short film The Happy Ducklng, directed by Gili Dolev, from which the series hatched.

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