Thursday, 10 August 2017


My wife and I took a trip out to the beautiful Burrows Gardens in the Derbyshire Dales yesterday to see Folksy Theatre's open-air stage show of The Princess and the Pig, a charming adaptation of my picture book illustrated by Poly Bernatene.

The show tells the story of how a baby princess and a farmer's piglet are accidentally switched at birth and raised in each others places. In Folksy's stage version, actors Em Watkins, Christopher Pegler-Lambert and Emma Kemp double up to play both royal and rural households and use puppets to portray the porcine princess and baby Pigmella.

It's a lovely show, filled with toe-tapping songs and comic moments and a touch of pathos; the scene were farmer and his family discover the mix-up and decide that their adopted daughter must leave them to return to the palace was genuinely moving.

The show is written and directed by Lee Hardwicke, with songs by Gary Cameron and puppets by Sarah Lewis.

The farmer takes a nap in the shade of the castle, unaware that a baby girl is about to drop into his life.

The queen, about to discover that her daughter has been swapped for a piglet.

The grown-up Princess Priscilla was also played by a puppet.

It was lovely to meet actors Em Watkins, Emma Kemp and Christopher Pegler-Lambert.

The show will be touring open air venues in the UK until September 2017. You can see a full list of venues and tour dates by clicking on the link below.

And you can find out more about the book on this page of my web site.