Tuesday, 6 June 2017


I'm delighted to announce that Walker Books have just published new editions of two of the Mole and Friends books I created with Vanessa Cabban.

Following on from the new editions of the first two Mole and Friends books, back in February,  Walker have now released new editions of  The Best Gift of All and A Secret Worth Sharing. A new edition of Diamond in the Snow (originally published third in the series) will complete the set in November.

While the other books in the series are set above ground, stormy weather obliges Mole to remain in his natural underground habitat in The Best Gift of All

 … but that doesn't stop him from visiting Rabbit and meeting up with Hedgehog and Squirrel en route.

When bad weather prevents Mole from visiting Rabbit above ground, he decides to visit her by tunnel instead.

A Secret Worth Sharing, originally published as the fifth and final book in the series, sees Mole making a new friend – Mouse.

Mole's friendship with Mouse is so special that he doesn't want to share her and decides to keep her a secret. But some secrets are worth sharing!

The last panel in this spread by Vanessa Cabban echoes the first Mole and Friends story, Bringing Down the Moon.

You can find out more about the books using the links below and read a recent interview I did about the whole Mole and Friends series for the Baby Book Club blog here.

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