Tuesday, 25 June 2013

FREE Virtual School Visits

I did a couple of Skype virtual visits with Boone Trail Elementary School in North Carolina in the US last year. It was a lovely way for me to read one of my books to the children and answer some of their questions without having to spend any time travelling – and it had a lot less impact on my carbon footprint! It worked so well, I thought I would offer virtual visits to other English-speaking schools in the UK, US and elsewhere.
Each visit would last about 15-20 minutes and is completely FREE. 
Schools can choose from a selection of recent titles as well as some old favourites. There will also be time for a quick Q&A session after the reading.
I've set up a new Virtual School Visits page on my website where you can find out more and enquire about availability.
I'm still trailing the idea and limiting myself to a maximum of two visits a week for now and only on Wednesdays, but I might consider doing more if it proves popular.

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