Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ruby Flew Too! Stage Show

I took the train to Wellingborough yesterday to see a performance of the Ruby Flew Too! stage show by Topsy Turvy Theatre. The show is based on the picture book illustrated by Rebecca Harry. Although Topsy Turvy have been performing the show since 2011, I hadn’t managed to see it before now.

I’ve been in contact with Topsy Turvy's Artistic Director and performer, Claire Alizon Hills, for several years but we’d not met in person, so it was lovely to have lunch with her and co-performer Anna Kelner before seeing the show. Claire has a passion for children’s theatre and founded Topsy Turvy after working with other children’s theatre companies. Ruby Flew Too! was Topsy Turvy’s very first production.

After lunch I got to have a quick look around the beautiful set …

… and here’s me with Claire and Anna just before the show started. 

The show uses a mixture of comic performance, catchy songs, charming puppetry and playful audience interaction to tell Ruby's story.

This photo shows Claire with the show’s
co-creator and performer Rachel Priest.

Despite being squirted with water and bopped on the head by low-flying ducklings (or possibly because of this) the young audience I watched it with obviously enjoyed the show as much as I did.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the production or CLICK HERE for current tour dates and links to the venues sites where you can book tickets.