Monday, 14 May 2012

Carrots are Forever

I’ve never needed much of an excuse to monkey around with a video camera, so when my daughter decided she wanted to have a movie party for her 8th birthday, her older brother and I decided we should make some cheesy Pearl and Dean style adverts to show before the film.

My daughter had another movie party for her 11th birthday last weekend. This time around we made some movie trailers and my daughter got in on the act.

I was given a pop-up green screen for my last birthday, so we used this, along with Apple iMovie’s excellent trailer templates and my kids' cuddly toy collection, to make trailers for Quackula Rising (a supernatural tale of fowl horror) and Carrots are Forever (an edge of the seat carrot-juice-fuelled spy thriller) which can be seen below.

We got a bit carried away and ended up shooting most of the plot to Carrots are Forever but, as is often the case, the trailer is much better than the film  - so just imagine how bad the film must be!

Don’t expect me to write the novelisation any time soon.

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