Thursday, 2 November 2017

DIAMOND IN THE SNOW • New UK Paperback Edition

I'm delighted to announce that Walker Books have just published a new edition of Diamond in the Snow illustrated by Vanessa Cabban. This publication completes the set of new editions of all five of the Mole and Friends books, the other four having been published back in February and June of this year.

Diamond in the Snow was originally the third in the series, but the new edition was published last to suit its seasonal setting.

In this wintery tale, Mole finds something smooth and sparkly sticking out of the snow. "It must be a diamond!" he thinks. But as he rushes to show his new treasure to his friends, it keeps escaping his paws.

The theme of this story is similar to that of Bringing Down the Moon, in that Mole becomes enamoured with a beautiful object. However in this instance, Mole attains the object of his desire – only to lose it again!

The story celebrates the wonder of the natural world and recognises that something can be both ephemeral and precious.

Here's what two reviewers said about the original edition:
"Something of the awe and wonder - that silence, stillness and sheer beauty of a pristine landscape - is captured in this enchanting winter's tale for young listeners and readers."
Jill Bennett, WORDPOOL
"Recoding magical moments that occur in nature can lead to sappy text and overly idealized illustrations – this is NOT the case with Cabban’s illustrations or Emmett’s prose. Readers/listeners will experience the awe and joy of Mole’s first experience with snow just as if they had shared it with him."

And here's actor Tom Ward reading the book for the CBeebies Bedtime Stories in an appropriately icy location.

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