Tuesday, 19 January 2016

THE PRINCESS AND THE PIG is still top of my library loans!

The Princess and the Pig
was my most borrowed book
Yesterday I received last year's UK library loans figures for my books, courtesy of the Public Lending Right (PLR) organisation.

The Princess and the Pig illustrated by Poly Bernatene, is still my most borrowed book, having been borrowed over twenty thousand times. The other two picture books I've done with Poly, Here Be Monsters and The Santa Trap came in second and third, with the other two top five spots being taken by The Pig's Knickers and A Secret Worth Sharing which are both illustrated by Vanessa Cabban.

The PLR figures show that my books were borrowed from UK libraries a total of 160,784 times last year.

Here are my top 5 most borrowed books.

PositionTitleNÂș of loansRelative Position
1The Princess and the Pig
illustrated by Poly Bernatene
2Here Be Monsters
illustrated by Poly Bernatene
3The Santa Trap
illustrated by Poly Bernatene
4The Pig’s Knickers
illustrated by Vanessa Cabban
5A Secret Worth Sharing
illustrated by Vanessa Cabban

A big THANK YOU to everyone that borrowed my books, the wonderful librarians that made them available and the PLR organisation for helping authors like me to earn a living.

UPDATE 23 March 2016:
The 2015 PLR figures were revised and re-issued in March 2015 after a clerical error was discovered in the original figures. This post has been revised to reflect the new figures, which resulted in a re-ordering of the top 5 shown above.

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