Wednesday, 2 December 2015

THE SANTA TRAP - New sheets and tweets!

December is here which means that Christmas is just around the corner. For many people this is a cause for celebration, not so for überbrat Bradley Bartleby, the anti-hero of The Santa Trap, the picture book by me and Poly Bernatene. I mentioned back in September that the book was being adapted into a stage show by Robin Belfield and Simon Slater (who also adapted Here Be Monsters).

The Santa Trap show will play for three days (13-15 December 2015) at the Plough Arts Centre in Torrington, before its main Christmas run at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth (Sat 19 December to Sun 3 January 2016).

Like Here be Monsters, The Santa Trap show has been produced by Mayflower Productions, an offshoot of the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, and the show premiered at the Mayflower a couple of weeks ago.

Although I saw the first half of the show in the early stages of rehearsals, I haven't seen the finished show yet, but am very much looking forward to seeing it in Portsmouth. If the rehearsal is anything to go by, it will be a real Christmas treat.

Here's a photo from the premiere - I'll be featuring several more in my next post.

Brattish Bradley (Toby Vaughan) and his put-upon parents (Eloise Secker & Ben Tolley)

I've produced two new activity sheets for the show, which can also be downloaded from The Santa Trap page of my website, or by clicking on the preview images below.

As anyone that follows him on Twitter might guess, Bradley Bartleby is far from happy about the show. Furious at what he sees as the exploitation of his private life for tawdry entertainment, Bradley spent last December using Twitter to discourage people from buying the picture book. This year he's turned his sights to the stage show. He's only posted a couple of tweets (see below) as I write this, but if I know Bradley, there'll be plenty more and they won't be polite. Watch this space for updates or subscribe to Bradley's Twitter feed to see the rest.

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