Friday, 25 January 2013


Last year I started to write a blog post about gender bias in the picture book industry — I think the industry’s output reflects girls’ tastes a lot more than it does boys’ and that this bias has exacerbated the gender gap between boys’ and girls’ reading abilities.

This is something I’ve been discussing with people inside and outside the industry for several years and I thought I'd set down all my thoughts on the subject. Once I began writing, I realised that, to do the issue justice, it was going to have to be considerably longer than a blog post. In addition to an article about picture books, I've written two shorter articles on related subjects. All three articles can be found on a separate blog I’ve just set up at

I’d like to start a debate on the issue so, if you’re interested, please click here to visit the site.

cool not cute: what boys really want from picture books

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