Friday, 24 February 2012

My first blog post!

You can find an archive of my old
newsletters, dating from 2006 on
I’ve set up this blog to replace the “Scribble Street News” newsletter, which I’ve emailed out since my main “Scribble Street” web site went online in 1999. I’m hoping that it will allow me to keep readers more up to date and more often, but in smaller chunks.

If you’re a former newsletter subscriber and would still prefer to receive the “Scribble Street News” by email, you can do so by entering your email address in the “Follow by email” box on the right of this page.

As well as books news and the other content I used to include in the newsletter, the blog will include more personal posts and will also flag up things I’ve found elsewhere on the web that I hope will be of interest.

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